Allergy Relief Fur Dogs Soothing Balm - 4 oz.
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Allergy Relief Fur Dogs Soothing Balm - 4 oz.

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Just like people, dogs can show allergic symptoms when their immune systems begin to recognize certain everyday substances-or allergens- as dangerous. Allergens can be problematic when inhaled, ingested or contact a dog’s skin. As his body tries to rid itself of these substances, a variety of skin, digestive and respiratory symptoms may appear.

General symptoms of allergies include: itchy, red, moist or scabbed skin; increased scratching; itchy, runny eyes; itchy back or base of tail; itchy ears and ear infections; sneezing; paw chewing/swollen paws; constant licking. Allergic dogs may also suffer from secondary bacterial or yeast skin infections, which may cause hair loss, scabs or crusts on the skin. 

A few common allergens include: Environmental (e.g. tree, grass and weed pollens, mold spores, dust and house dust mites, dander, and cigarette smoke); Food ingredients (e.g. beef, chicken, pork, corn, wheat or soy); Prescription drugs; Fleas and flea-control products (Only a few flea bites can trigger intense itchiness for two to three weeks!); Cleaning products; and Insecticidal shampoo.

Our Organic Allergy Relief Soothing Balm for dogs eases excessive inflammation and severe pain caused by canine allergies. It contains the organic essential oils of:

Lavender - a natural antihistamine, anti-inflammatory and pain reliever

Lemon - helps to boost the immune system

Peppermint - a natural pain reliever and anti-inflammatory

Ingredients: Organic coconut oil, organic essential oils of: Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint.

Directions: Apply a small amount to each back paw on the sides of and in between the toe pads and/or on the tips of the ears and gently massage into skin two to three times a day. Keep refrigerated.

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