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The Results Speak for Themselves


| Why Choose A Passion Fur Paws? 

Check out some of the client reviews  on this page to find out what you can expect from my pet health care and wellness solutions.


Happenings you shouldn't miss in the weeks ahead.


JAN 22

“My dog has separation anxiety so bad that he has tried to escape by ripping a hole through a door. We started using the calming spray before we go to work and he hasn't had any incidents. It's been a few weeks and we really love the results it has given us and are so happy that our dog is less anxious!”

- Ashley Valois (Five-Star Review)


Oct 10

“I ran into A Passion Fur Paws at a show that I was also exhibiting at and invited them to an event I am also helping to run each week - I am so excited to have them. Not only because they have such a great array of products, but my cats have been struggling with overcoming yeast infections in their ears for many months now. Despite stinky and toxic smelling cleaners and prescribed steroid creams – they still itched and scratched and were miserable. I bought some of the ear drops and within a week – GONE! Plus, they smell so nice when I put the drops in. I cannot recommend the products, at least this one, enough. My cats Rico and Miss Kitty thank you as well!”

- Judy Sheehan (Five-Star Review)



“I came across A Passion Fur Paws at Paw Palooza in Dennis and I am so glad I did! I have been searching for a holistic flea and tick product for my dogs because I hate pumping them full of chemicals with the products offered at the vet. Their tick and insect repellent is amazing and full of natural essential oils. $20 a bottle that will last you months compared to $20/month, per dog, for Nexgard, Advantix, Revolution. You'll save money while protecting your pets from harsh chemicals.. sounds like a win win to me! AND you can use it on yourself as bug spray! These ladies are very educated and know what they're talking about. It was a pleasure to meet them!”

- Amanda Keaney Chipman (Five-Star Review)



“I’ve been using the arthritis relief massage oil on my dog for a few months. My vet was giving my dog shots to help with his arthritis. It helped, but I was worried about side effects and was looking for a more natural treatment. I saw A Passion Fur Paws at a local fair this winter and decided to try the arthritis massage oil. It works great! My 9 year old lab is running around like he did when he was a puppy. I’m happy that I found something natural that works really well and doesn’t have side effects. I will definitely be buying more.”

“We met a passion fur paws at the Gaspee Day Festival… We bought CBD oil and treats for our pup… Wonderful products and such a big difference!”

- Lexi Christina Romano (Five-Star Review)



“A Passion fur Paws has the best dog and cat treats around. Not only are they all natural but our animals love them. They also have a great raw diet for your pet=healthier animals!!!!”

- Diane Ramunno (Five-Star Review)



“A Passion Fur Paws has helped our sweet girl Happy (Shih Tzu) from itching and having sores on her skin. They created a special plan to follow with products they made for specifically her condition after hearing what we were bathing/using on her open sores before. She's is back to her old self! She loves the dog cookies too!”

- Laura Taylor (Five-Star Review)


OCT 19

“Products are incredible, especially the hot spot salve. We use it on my little white dog with many skin issues. It has been a life saver in keeping his skin problems from becoming major infections.”

- Celia Giotis (Five-Star Review)

For one, my essential oil-based remedies and wellness products are the first of their kind in Naples, Florida; I also offer these items to promote a raw diet for cats and dogs. Check out some of the client reviews and images on this page to find out what you can expect from my pet health care and wellness solutions.

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